Scroll of Honour

The Scroll of Honour shows the variety of Honours we in the Loyal Company bestow upon our colleagues and friends. Every year at our AGM, nominations are received and the awards given. If you can nominate a fellow Crier or Consort for outstanding contributions during the year leading up to the AGM, please fill in the form supplied by our secretary for the occasion.

The Presidents Cup

This recognises the outstanding contribution a member has made to The Company as a whole, or to the general good name of town crying.

Current Holder “Fred Ferris Trophy” David Summers.

Fred Ferris Trophy

Awarded annually to a Town Crier taking part in the British Championships who has never won a major prize before.

Current Holder “Heart of Gold” Award: Carole Williams.

The Brenda Phillips HEART OF GOLD Award

Awarded to the member who has shown acts of kindness within or without the Town Crier community.

Current Holder “Consort of the Year” Trophy: Sue Robinson.

Bill Phillips Marshal Trophy

Awarded each year to the Most Outstanding Consort.


Current Holder “Cramped Hand” Award: Chris Conlan

The Cramped Hand Award

Awarded to the best Contributor to "The Scroll" in the past twelve months.

Yvonne Gregitis Trophy Cup

Grand as Owt

This Trophy has now been replaced by the Presidents Cup