Last post in Liverpool for fallen WWI soldiers

Spring 2015 and a very poignant ceremony is being held in Liverpool. In an old and no longer used cemetery alongside Liverpool’s famous Anglican Cathedral, a discovery was made. The bodies of 10 WW1 soldiers were discovered in unmarked graves. After much research, the men were identified and families located.

A ceremony was held to ensure those gallant men would not be forgotten again. One by one, the Names and Regiments of those men were proclaimed by the Town Crier. For each man, a candle was lit and handed to a surviving family member, or a current member of the unit in which they served.

At the end of the ceremony, the Last Post was played as darkness fell and flags, provided by many Regimental Associations and the Royal British Legion, were gently lowered to the ground. Thus ensuring those ten men at least, will be forgotten no longer.